2017: Things To Come

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First, I want to thank all of you for being so patient with me during this past year.  I took a break shortly after losing my mom only to return and then leave again to care for my elderly aunt who also passed away in September.  2016 was a difficult and very bittersweet year for me.  I am still grieving the loss of these two amazing women but also I continue to be inspired by them – their legacy of tips, insights and inspiration will likely crop up in my posts from time to time.

2017 is a new year and with it brings a fresh start with new goals, ideas and for Minimal Intent that also means regular posts. Things you can expect for the coming year:

Minimalism and Intentional Living –  Both will continue to be the corner-stone of this blog.  I will continue to post on these topics – beginning in January (much as I did last year) with personal goal setting, my schedule and planner, and the various tools I am planning on using throughout the year. 
Kids’ Capsule Wardrobes
– I plan to continue posting about my kids’ capsule wardrobes.  Also, watch for a handy free PDF printable to help you design capsules for your kids.  I also have planned a post about how to handle the unique challenges that come with kids’ capsules – like their tendency for outgrowing everything in two weeks.
Tween Girls’ Capsule Wardrobe – we are entering the phase where my daughter is desiring to get even more involved in selecting her clothes.  My daughter, who I will introduce to you later, is begging to do some guest posts.
Becoming Chic – I will resume this as well, but haven’t figured out exactly how yet. I am honestly thinking about re-launching the series from scratch.  We shall see but either way I will continue discussing my sartorial choices with you.  This is one area where my aunt may have had one of the largest influences.  Although she was far – very, very far – maybe light-years from being a minimalist in this area.
Minimalist Baby Registry PDF – While I am well past this season of life, one of my best friends is having her first (twins actually) this year and I helped her with some minimalist ideas for her registry. She suggested a post and checklist.
Minimal Holidays – I am working on setting up some “mini-simple holiday” guides.
Apartment Tour – This will happen and fairly soon too because we are gearing up to buy our first home.
Moving – How does a minimalist, with zero-waste aspirations move in Colorado – well I plan to show you.  My mom always had the best moving tips – I will share them with you.
House Tour – I likely will share before pictures of our empty house and then update periodically as we unpack, finish projects, etc.
Zero-Waste – I haven’t lost my desire to work toward creating less-waste.  I fell off the zero-waste wagon (not entirely but enough to make me cringe) but am stepping back into this in 2017 as part of our minimalism journey.
Glimpses – With all of this you will also get to see more glimpses into our daily lives as we continue our journey toward more simple, minimal lives.

I hope your last week of 2016 is blessed and I look forward to seeing you all in 2017.


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