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Tween Girl Capsule Wardrobe

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Shopping for a tween girl isn’t an easy task for a number of reasons.  I can tell you that setting up a capsule wardrobe for your tween will likely save you a few headaches and meltdowns along the way.  Today, I will walk you through how I set up and shop with and for a tween girl capsule wardrobe.  Tween Girl Challenges: 1.  Rapid Growth.  Jade outgrew her Back to School capsule wardrobe by October – about 6 weeks into the school year. 2. Awkward sizing.  Along with rapid growth…read more


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Ever been caught in a whirlwind?  I feel like I am in the middle of a whirlwind of change – for the better. My last post had me sitting in my aunt’s old kitchen prepping for an estate sale and my final goodbye to her house.  It was all so bittersweet – BUT – what I failed to mention to you what else was happening in the background.  I did something a little crazy.  I had my husband look at a house solo without me and then put in an offer.  I…read more


Bittersweet, Letting Go

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It can be bittersweet, letting go.  Today I am sitting in my aunt’s kitchen as an estate sale company is going through her home. She passed away in September, with me by her side.  The past week some of my siblings and I collected the items we wanted or needed but having strangers riffle through things if far more difficult. We are collectively letting go of the belongings my aunt so carefully curated over nearly 40 years in this house.  I am so glad that I have honed a minimalist…read more


Keeping Plates Spinning

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For much of my “mom life” I have frequently had one to many plates spinning at once – to the point when something caused my balance to falter, all the plates have come crashing down.  The most obvious way to prevent this from happening is to limit the number of commitments and responsibilities you and your family have.  Ideally, everything you and your family do should support your personal and family mission statements.  Anything, that is out of line with your personal values and mission are going to be more…read more

Becoming Chic: Update

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Just to get us all back on the same page here is a Becoming Chic: Update – where we left off, where I am at and what I am planning. Where We Left Off Zyla Colors – I had just done my colors in the Zyla method (without having read his book).  While I got my colors right, I got my season and archetype wrong.  But a recap on my colors. Essence – my version of “white” – A very soft blush pink leaning almost ivory.  The essence color should harmonize…read more

Getting Set for a Happy New Year: 2017 BuJo

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Happy New Year! One of the things that I know I *NEED* is a day planner of some type.  Last year’s I glued a bunch of printables into a composition journal – just to see what I used, how I used it, what I liked etc.  It was clunky and ugly but for the most part functional.  This year I decided to take a look at what I learned and pretty things up a bit, partly for aesthetics, partly for fun and completely because pretty and fun are huge motivators…read more

2017: Things To Come

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First, I want to thank all of you for being so patient with me during this past year.  I took a break shortly after losing my mom only to return and then leave again to care for my elderly aunt who also passed away in September.  2016 was a difficult and very bittersweet year for me.  I am still grieving the loss of these two amazing women but also I continue to be inspired by them – their legacy of tips, insights and inspiration will likely crop up in my posts…read more


Back To School 2016 Capsule Wardrobes

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I am back from my little break and am hoping to ease back into regular blog posts.  I decided “Back To School Season” was the perfect place to start back. If you are like me you are likely still working on getting your kid’s back to school wardrobes squared away.  Today, I am sharing both my kiddos’ back to school capsule wardrobes. Just as last year, I start with a tentative plan and work off that list shopping first at local thrift and consignment stores first, then often searching for…read more

Letting Go: Taking a Break

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Sometimes letting go involves realizing when you need to let go of things that are important to you because other parts of life need attention. I wish I could say that I could plow through with the blog but right now grieving is needing to take center stage. I hope you all understand that for the moment I need to minimize my schedule and some of my responsibilities. Love you all and thank you for understanding. by


Letting Go: Setting Goals

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Setting goals is part of finding motivation which is something we discussed last week but because setting goals is so important to the process I thought it deserved a post of its own.  Goal setting is personal and everyone’s goals should be unique to their own needs, desires and personalities. Remember how I said last week that what works for one person as motivation will fall flat for another well same goes for setting goals.  Your goals should be a product of your motivations and in turn motivate you to…read more