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Just to get us all back on the same page here is a Becoming Chic: Update – where we left off, where I am at and what I am planning.

Where We Left Off

Zyla Colors – I had just done my colors in the Zyla method (without having read his book).  While I got my colors right, I got my season and archetype wrong.  But a recap on my colors.

Becoming Chic: Update

 – my version of “white” – A very soft blush pink leaning almost ivory.  The essence color should harmonize with the palm of one’s hand.  Foundation garments, lingerie, and some basic layering pieces will be where I use this color in my palette going forward.
In makeup this would be the closest to what one would use for foundation. For clothing items I likely will lean more ivory than pink so it works better for layering.

Romance – my “red” ranging from a darker blush pink to a deeper claret.  This color is most easily found by lightly squeezing your finger tip.  Lingerie, bath robe, pajamas would be the obvious choice for “romance” but it can also be used in a wardrobe in places you want to create warmth and approach-ability.  This is also where I pick shades for lipsticks and nail polish.

Dramatic – the color to wear when I want attention or to stand out.  This color is found in the veins that are visible in the wrist.  My dramatic shade is a light green-blue/turquoise.  I absolutely love this color and have since I was very young.  Some of my favorite outfits and jewelry come in this very color.  I currently have a dress in this color family.  I still haven’t figured out exactly how to incorporate this color into my wardrobe more.  I don’t often like to call attention to myself.

Energy – this color is a little harder to figure out but it is the darkest part of the iris of your eye (I took a photo of my eye – weird but true).   Mine happens to be a dark olive green.  I love this color and love wearing this color but it hasn’t been a trendy color lately.  This makes it a bit harder to find but I am thinking that this color is going to end up being one of the corner stones of my wardrobe.

Tranquil – found in the lightest part of they iris.  What can I say I have fairly dark moody eyes for as fair as I am.  It still fascinates me that my tranquil color is in the same color family as my dramatic color just that it is much, much darker.  Anyway I would love to have a cotton bath robe in this color and a set of pajamas as well.  I would love to build my summer “beach” wardrobe around this color.

Base Color One – my version of “black” – found in the rim around the iris.  Mine is a very deep blue-green or a midnight blue.  It can be hard to find this exact shade (navy with a hint of green) so I generally just stick with navy as my base.  I am slowly fazing black out of my wardrobe.

Base Color Two – my version of “brown” – found in the darkest part of your hair.  Mine can only be described as copper.  I don’t wear much brown in general because if it is off just a bit it washes me out.  Copper isn’t the easiest brown to find.  I likely will relegate this to makeup in the form of eye-shadows and bronzers and pick up pieces when they come along.  I would love to find a copper blazer and shimmery tank or blouse.

Base Color Three – my version of “khaki” – found in the lightest part of your hair.  Technically, the lightest part of my hair is now pure white…lol…but I decided to go with the lighter shade of my original color – which is a soft caramel brown.  It is just a little deeper and richer than your basic khaki.  It is easiest to find this color in leather (shoes, bags) but not so much in clothes at the moment.


Where I’m At Now

Well I got all of my colors right I am pretty positive.  Where I took a misstep was in picking my archetype.  I had selected “drama queen” a lot of my colors do appear in the mood board on David Zyla’s pinterest boards.  The book (which I found at the library) had instructions on how to find your corresponding “season” and then information on personality to help you narrow down to archetype.   It is a lot of information and since it isn’t available on his website I am not going to delve any farther than to tell you that – I am a “Mellow Autumn” and my archetype is “Sexy Librarian.”  Which makes me laugh every single time because it kinda fits my bookish ways.

The difference isn’t really so much in the color palettes, where there is a fair amount of cross over between archetypes, but more in design lines.  I am not likely to ever wear anything too heavily beaded or sequined.  I also tend to shy away from pattern. So I should have known that “drama queen” wasn’t quite right.

Sexy Librarian on the other hand is pretty spot on to what I feel comfortable wearing.  Simple, un-fussy, not a lot of pattern (save for pinstripes, herringbone, understated plaids, etc), no ruffles or bows – just simple clothes with a bit of texture.

I didn’t stick to my purchase plan at all last year and overall I am glad I didn’t.  I gained about 20 pounds since April on top of already being “overweight” so I have a good deal to lose.

What I have purchased (or acquired) over the last few months:

Huarache Sandals – They are are the perfect caramel brown shade.  I actually found these in my aunt’s closet and they fit.
Black Flat Sandals – Also found these in my aunt’s closet.  They aren’t huaraches but have a similar vibe.
Metallic Heels – I had been wanting a pair of metallic heels for a while. I didn’t want anything to bright or brassy.  I found the perfect pair that fall somewhere between a metallic nude and bronze.
A-line Copper Brown dress – I did gain weight and so I did need to make some purchases.  This one isn’t perfect and likely won’t stick around after I lose weight – not worth altering but for now it is a slam dunk.  It has a bit of black in the pattern so for now I can wear my black leggings with it for warmth.
Palazzo pants – I actually got two pair in two different patterns.  One is black and white and the other coppery brown, orange and blue.  I got them for lounge wear that can be worn out on errands and still look like I tried.  Something that sweats, yoga pants or leggings just can’t do.


What I am Planning

My first step is to lose some of this excess weight.  My initial goal is 20 pounds and get back to where I was at last April.  I am going to go through my closet this week and ditch 90% of the things that don’t fit.  There are some “basics” that I will hang onto in the next size down.  Mainly jeans and navy trousers that were the perfect length (read: hard to find at 5 ft tall).  Yes, I can alter things but since I am planning on continuing to lose weight they hopefully will just be a stop-gap.

So my wardrobe is going to become my reward for losing weight because I will have very, very little after this closet clean out. In the meantime I will be compiling a clothing wishlist for when I do reach my goal weight.  I plan on doing this in a freehand sketch because one of my other goals this year is to get into a regular art habit again. Watch for this in coming months.

My next purchases will likely be in the categories of underwear and outerwear.  Why is it that these are two of the most expensive categories of clothing? And why is it that I always seem to need both at the same time?

I will be watching for sales and of course consignment and thrift stores for some great deals in outerwear. It is okay, even preferable, for outerwear to be a little “over-sized” so even if I lose weight these pieces should continue to work. This is along the lines of what I will be watching for (or stalking).

Becoming Chic: Update
Ideally, I would like to find something similar at a consignment or thrift store.

Becoming Chic: Update

Down jacket
I would actually love this jacket because it incorporates my “drama” color as well.

Becoming Chic: UpdateSki Pants
Do I ski? Nope.  But I do live in Colorado and so ski pants do make some sense for a few very sound reasons.
Because sometimes it is easier, faster and less annoying to bundle up and walk to the store than it is to dig out your car.
Because there are mornings I want to stay in my leggings (so warm and cozy) and not have to change into jeans.
Because even if you layer boyfriend jeans over leggings you risk ruining a good pair of jean.
Because just playing in the snow is some serious business.

I decided to have all my outerwear coordinate to a fair degree (I also have an olive trench coat already) because it looks a little more intentional and pulled together when you do have to mix them up.  The down jacket could become a liner for the parka.  I could also wear either the parka or the jacket with the ski pants and at least look like thought went into it instead of my current bus stop look of fleece polar bear print pajama pants that I normally throw on over my leggings (true story – better them than the jeans).

I hope you enjoyed this “becoming chic: update” and are looking forward to more in the future.

What systems have you created for creating your own capsule wardrobe?

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