Bittersweet, Letting Go

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It can be bittersweet, letting go.  Today I am sitting in my aunt’s kitchen as an estate sale company is going through her home. She passed away in September, with me by her side.  The past week some of my siblings and I collected the items we wanted or needed but having strangers riffle through things if far more difficult.

We are collectively letting go of the belongings my aunt so carefully curated over nearly 40 years in this house.  I am so glad that I have honed a minimalist point of view and the perspective that her stuff does not hold the actual memories.  I have kept some small things – a few hippos, art work she left to me, etc.

Even with that perspective this is hard.  When my mom passed she had already sold her home and had already passed most things onto us – it was so much easier.  This is like a long drawn out goodbye.

The good parts of this process is that her personality shows through in the little things we are finding. Charts on how she organized her china cabinet, to do lists for us to follow, and little gems like this one…

Bittersweet, Letting Go
Her home is full of things like this beautiful, quirky and hilarious!  Did I mention she has a hippo collection?  This process has been hard but just as equally fun.  We have read letters from old boyfriends, little journals she kept about her dates, photos from her trips to Mexico in the 50’s, and all the amazing stuff from her days at IBM where she worked from 1956 as a systems engineer until retiring in the early 90’s.

I may write more on the topic of letting go of things when someone passes in the future once I mentally process it a bit more.  Thank you for being so patient with me through the losses and letting go through the last year.

Have you ever gone through a time of bittersweet, letting go?

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