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Becoming Chic: Update

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Just to get us all back on the same page here is a Becoming Chic: Update – where we left off, where I am at and what I am planning. Where We Left Off Zyla Colors – I had just done my colors in the Zyla method (without having read his book).  While I got my colors right, I got my season and archetype wrong.  But a recap on my colors. Essence – my version of “white” – A very soft blush pink leaning almost ivory.  The essence color should harmonize…read more

2017: Things To Come

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First, I want to thank all of you for being so patient with me during this past year.  I took a break shortly after losing my mom only to return and then leave again to care for my elderly aunt who also passed away in September.  2016 was a difficult and very bittersweet year for me.  I am still grieving the loss of these two amazing women but also I continue to be inspired by them – their legacy of tips, insights and inspiration will likely crop up in my posts…read more


Becoming Chic: A Square Peg

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Ever feel like you are a square peg?  Or that someone is trying to fit you into a space that isn’t quite right?  Or that “someone” is yourself?  Well, in a lot of ways reducing possessions can make you a square peg with friends and family.  Most certainly, if you are also trying to move toward creating less waste and use less plastic.  I have had a “friend” try to force plastic on me.  When I refused she got angry and huffed off “life must be so boring for you” or…read more

Closet Tour

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Today, I thought I would give you a closet tour of the little closet I share with my husband.  We share this and the hall coat closet.  This closet is in the smaller “2nd bedroom” because we gave the kids the larger “master bedroom.”  We don’t need extra space to spread out a wooden train set or built a Lego village in our room.  As such we also ended up with a smaller closet.  It is exactly 4 ft wide…did I mention we share?  This is how it stays most of the time although my…read more

Spring-Summer Wardrobe Shopping List

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I mentioned a while back that I was planning on purchasing some boots as part of my February Love Yourself challenge.  Today, I am going to share the ones that I most likely will buy in my spring-summer shopping list.  If you have been following my Becoming Chic series then you likely already know that I am working on developing a year-round capsule wardrobe, that I have a list of basic pieces that I want to use as a foundation, a general idea of what my ideal wardrobe might look like and the color…read more


Color Palette

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I have already talked a little about discovering the colors and styles that I gravitate to so that I could create a foundation color palette for my capsule wardrobe. Here is my foundation palette:  Navy & Black are my anchor colors.  Berry, Teal and Emerald are my jewel tone statement or signature colors.  I use them a little more sparingly than navy and black. I know they are incredibly dark.  Jewel tones are often what I am wearing when I get compliments.  These colors work well for a year round wardrobe…read more

Becoming Chic: Resources

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I talked about the methods that I used to base my own method on.  The French Five Piece Wardrobe, Project 333 and the 40 Hanger Closet.  Project 333 is probably the most prolific and serves as the foundation for many popular bloggers who share their capsule wardrobes online.  I have created my own methodology and plan to work up my own worksheets as I get further along and work out some of the kinks here and there.  There are plenty of amazing resources available if you are wanting to get…read more

Becoming Chic: Ideal Wardrobe

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I spoke last Wednesday about some of the different methods for creating a capsule and then discussed briefly how I would be combining several methods to make my own system.  list of basics that would serve as the foundation for a year-round capsule.   As promised today I am going to share my list of basics that will serve as a foundation for the rest of my wardrobe, as well as a storyboard of what I am calling my “ideal wardrobe” My list of basics, similar in structure to the French…read more

Capsule Wardrobe Methods

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There are several capsule wardrobe methods out there.  I am going to talk about my favorites.  The French Five Piece Wardrobe, Project 333, the 40 Hanger Closet and then I will share what I am doing. The French Five Piece Wardrobe This method is centered on the idea of building a core wardrobe of basic pieces and then infusing it with some personal style.  The rules are meant to keep the focus on buying quality items that will serve as a signature style for years to come. The Rules: 1. Allowed…read more


Becoming Chic

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  I have mentioned capsule wardrobes in passing before ( in this post about Easing into Minimalism) even creating capsule wardrobes for my kids (here and here).  It is familiar concept to me bur for some reason I have had difficulty creating seasonal capsules for myself.  I have decluttered my closet, I have researched capsule wardrobe techniques, and scoured Pinterest.  Despite all of that I am no further along in pulling together a cohesive and stylish minimal wardrobe.  While I didn’t include it in my values based goals, I do…read more