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Tween Girl Capsule Wardrobe

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Shopping for a tween girl isn’t an easy task for a number of reasons.  I can tell you that setting up a capsule wardrobe for your tween will likely save you a few headaches and meltdowns along the way.  Today, I will walk you through how I set up and shop with and for a tween girl capsule wardrobe.  Tween Girl Challenges: 1.  Rapid Growth.  Jade outgrew her Back to School capsule wardrobe by October – about 6 weeks into the school year. 2. Awkward sizing.  Along with rapid growth…read more

2017: Things To Come

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First, I want to thank all of you for being so patient with me during this past year.  I took a break shortly after losing my mom only to return and then leave again to care for my elderly aunt who also passed away in September.  2016 was a difficult and very bittersweet year for me.  I am still grieving the loss of these two amazing women but also I continue to be inspired by them – their legacy of tips, insights and inspiration will likely crop up in my posts…read more


Back To School 2016 Capsule Wardrobes

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I am back from my little break and am hoping to ease back into regular blog posts.  I decided “Back To School Season” was the perfect place to start back. If you are like me you are likely still working on getting your kid’s back to school wardrobes squared away.  Today, I am sharing both my kiddos’ back to school capsule wardrobes. Just as last year, I start with a tentative plan and work off that list shopping first at local thrift and consignment stores first, then often searching for…read more