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Happy New Year! One of the things that I know I *NEED* is a day planner of some type.  Last year’s I glued a bunch of printables into a composition journal – just to see what I used, how I used it, what I liked etc.  It was clunky and ugly but for the most part functional.  This year I decided to take a look at what I learned and pretty things up a bit, partly for aesthetics, partly for fun and completely because pretty and fun are huge motivators for me.  I am not solely using my bullet journal (bujo) in 2017, however, so today I going to share how I am getting set for a Happy New Year with my new bujo.

I haven’t drawn out my front “welcome” page yet – one of my goals this year is to work on flexing my artistic muscles a bit more – the welcome page will be the start of that.  One of the things I learned last year was that I really should put my gratitude tracker somewhere in the beginning of my planner.  So across from my Table of Contents on page one,  I introduce the theme – mermaids.  I will be filling in things I am grateful for in the bubbles (some bubbles will contain more than one person/thing). I am numbering the pages of my journal as I go and then filling in what is on the pages, this will carry over onto page two where I also have my bujo key. I will likely do a more in depth post in the future about how I plan out my months so I am skipping a few pages for brevity sake.

Side note about the first mermaid on the gratitude page – she represents me in a way.  She is a redhead holding a seal.  As a child I had a seal stuffy collection and I still have my favorite one that I got for my 5th birthday.
Bullet Journal

Pages 4 & 5 (below)
One of the things I found in last year’s clunky planner was that I had trouble finding my yearly goals and had no reason to reference back to the page because it was “complete”.  This year I didn’t set up all my monthly challenges in advance – I only set up the first quarter of the year. My hope is this new set up will bring me back to this page to reflect and plan.

The other thing that I liked about last year’s planner was the cleaning schedule but I found that after a while I stopped looking at the monthly grid calendar sheets except to reference the special tasks that needed to happen that month.  What I did default back to was Zones (adapted from Flylady) – but used my weekly schedule (adapted from Clean Mama).

This year I took my weekly cleaning schedule and wrote it out right above the Zones to create a reference point when Then instead of having everything repeated on a grid calendar I just wrote out the special tasks that need to get done each month.  Having everything all on one page as a reference will help me more efficiently set up my months as I go – it also brings me back to my annual goals to remind me of them. 

Pages 6 & 7 (below)

I am participating in the 2017 in 2017 Decluttering Challenge again this year – more on that in a future post.  I am challenging myself to get rid of another 2017 things this year.  Instead of counting individually I am counting by 10s as a way to challenge myself to find 10 things per decluttering session to part with.  As I mentioned in my last post we are preparing to move this year and I would like to complete this chart before we move in Spring.  Page 7 (not shown) is blank at the moment but it is going to be where I take notes on things the apartment complex does (maintenance and repairs) before we move as well as small things we do (touch up paint, carpet cleaning, etc).  After we move it will be used for tracking home maintenance and repairs.

Page 8 & 9 – not shown because it is all about our first home purchase and I will share at a later date.
Pages 10 & 11 – were all for December.  Page 12 has my general schedule on it and I didn’t get a good picture and it is now really overcast.

Page 14 & 15 – January Calendar.  I decided to forgo the traditional grid calendar and instead switched to the simplified bullet journal numbering system.  To the left of the days I have a spot for monthly goals (triangles), areas I intend to work on for decluttering this month, and my to dos – you might notice at the bottom left corner is where I transferred my monthly special cleaning tasks.  Then begins my calendar where I place appointments and events.  Then starting on the left of pg 15 I have my monthly challenge tracker.  This month I am working on establishing my “Miracle Morning SAVERS” morning routine.  Once Steve is back at work and the kids back in school this will really kick off properly where I will be getting up earlier.  Then I have some weekly info – this will likely change a bit month to month.  January is all about getting back into routines and developing some new habits.  I also included a note to self about packing and decluttering for the move,  a section for planning purchases for the month and a quote from the book – “Gift from the Sea” by Anne Morrow Lindbergh.

Going right along with the Miracle Morning and SAVERS is the “Level 10 Life” which is all about working toward finding balance in life.  I will also be talking more about this in coming weeks.

Finally Weekly/Daily pages.  Last year reconfirmed that while my days are busy I generally don’t need an entire page for a day.  So I have pertinent weekly information in the center column – Zone, Goals, Book to Read, and non-day specific to-do list.  I also have my meal plan in here for now – I want to have a separate smaller one just for meals/grocery lists that fits easily in my purse.  This brings me to my next point about things I learned from last years planner…

…when I got bad sick a couple times last year (shingles, walking pneumonia) my husband didn’t know what to do and I was brain dead.  Communication breakdowns do not help with creating a simple life.  I prefer a paper planner and I will continue to plan on paper but we really NEED something more because my husband can’t remember what I tell him – especially if it is more complicated than say a three item grocery list.  I have turned back to COZI.

This isn’t a paid endorsement by the way.  Right now we are trying it out to see if it helps my husband and I stay more or less on the same page.  I abandoned COZI when I went back to paper planning – because I like to check my planner right before bed and staring at a computer or phone screen isn’t the best for winding down.  I will update you on how it is going when I share about various other tools I plan to use while working toward on my “Level 10 Life”.

I am working on an update post for Becoming Chic – just to recap where we left off and what I have been doing since. Until then have a great first week of 2017!

How are you getting set for a Happy New Year?

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