Minimal Intent

Letting Go

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The topic for May that I had planned on covering, way back in January, couldn’t be more appropriate right now.  I am still processing letting go of someone I loved deeply and grieving.  I am also still working on letting go of objects in general which was my original intent for my Letting Go series for the month of May.  This month I hope to share a couple things with you.  My motivation and how to write your own motivators for letting go.  Setting decluttering goals.  The emotional side of letting…read more

Friday Faves: The Little Things

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The last two weeks are a little bit of a blur.  On April 19th my mom passed away.  I was in Amarillo, sitting in a rental car, in the rain when I got the news.  I left the day before trying to get to the hospital in time to say goodbye.  I was eight hours away from home (Colorado) and 12 hours away from “back home” (Rio Grand Valley, Texas). Her passing wasn’t a shock or surprise.  She was 82 and had pulmonary fibrosis.  Just as with my father’s death,…read more


Friday Faves: All Over the Map

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My husband has my camera…with most of the pictures I took during the week on it.  I didn’t know he was going to grab it but he did for what is my first Friday Fave for this week…which has been all over the map or solar system… First up – my daughter’s “Space Play” where she played a planet in our solar system.  When I get the camera back this evening I will update with a picture of her in the play.  You should try to guess which planet she…read more


Becoming Chic: A Square Peg

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Ever feel like you are a square peg?  Or that someone is trying to fit you into a space that isn’t quite right?  Or that “someone” is yourself?  Well, in a lot of ways reducing possessions can make you a square peg with friends and family.  Most certainly, if you are also trying to move toward creating less waste and use less plastic.  I have had a “friend” try to force plastic on me.  When I refused she got angry and huffed off “life must be so boring for you” or…read more

Friday Faves: Colorado

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It is amazing how much difference a week can make.  I will get to the title Friday Faves: Colorado in a minute.  I want to say that my favorite thing this week by far is this: My migraine – the one that ebbed and flowed for about nine days – is gone.  Happy dance! A week ago my son had a single tooth that looked wonky hanging out in the center of what is now a beautiful gap. I love his little eyes when he smiles really big too… I…read more

April: Wellness

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I am finally recovered from the migraine of all migraines and have got caught up on life and with that means that I am a couple days behind here on my blog. It is April,  and I wrote at length about my wellness issues and goal for the year back in January (here).  My word of the year is “order” and one of the things that I want to bring order to is my health.  I have made huge strides in this area over the last four years in regaining my…read more

Friday Faves

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I have been down with the worst migraine I think I have ever had in my life this week.  It has come in waves so I have been semi-functioning some days but for the most part everything hurts. So this week my favorites include in no particular order: 1. My bed 2. My sunglasses 3. Ibuprofen 4. Caffeine 5. My husband – for taking the kids to school in the morning. Sorry this is going to be such a short and picture free post this week.  I hope you understand….read more


Your Own Beat: Likes and Dislikes

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This may seem the easiest part of marching to your own beat – simply focusing on your own likes and dislikes.  Here is the thing though, it is one of the bravest things you can do.  Why?  Because all to often we don’t do something we love because of what someone else thinks.  That or we do things we hate because someone else expects us to.  We give too much power to others or to our perceptions of what others think of us. Marching to your own beat means that the…read more

Friday Faves: Easter & A Birthday

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This week has been a little wild, blustery and unpredictable full of blizzards, x-rays (everyone is fine) birthday prep for a little girl who is going to hit the decade mark, and then we will round out the week with Easter.  Not a boring week at all. This past summer my daughter agreed to part with the little plastic and pressed cardboard toy kitchen and all the little plastic pots and pans that had accumulated.  It wasn’t a bad little kitchen but it just was a little too big for…read more

Core Values

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Last week I talked about the importance of personality in learning to march to our own beat.  I mentioned core values briefly in that post illustrating how knowing the strengths and weaknesses of my personality type helped me hone in on how to best apply my core values to my life.  Personality and core values are a little like peanut butter and chocolate.  They work well on their own but are especially good when combined. How do you know what your core values are?  Chances are you are already using…read more